Does micro needling work?

To put it simply, yes micro needling has been clinically and anecdotally proven to do a lot of pretty amazing things with a relatively low risk and low cost.

Microscopic analysis has shown that micro needling increases collagen production up to 400% and leads to reorganization of old collagen fibres and laying down of new collagen, elastin and capillaries.

It’s effective weather or not you use products following treatment, but of course results are faster and more dramatic when supported by the right actives.

Micro needling can improve the appearance of skin tone, tightness, dark spots or scars, either on its own or in combination with appropriate products.

Stretch marks respond really well to micro needling treatment. Stretch marks are regarded as a scar and they respond to micro needling the same way that all scars do. It is also very effective in reducing the visibility of wrinkles…


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